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09 februari 2016

Rose, Queen of the Flowers

Meet the Queen of the Flowers; the rose. This majestic rose thanks its title to her worldwide popularity as most beautiful girl of the class. So no matter where you are or who you are; roses are always welcome.

Colours and shapes

The rose shines in red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. In addition there are two-coloured or even multicoloured roses. Varying in size from large to small and with short or long stems; it is all possible. And here's some good news for fans of roses: every year new kinds of roses are introduced.

Symbolism of the rose

The rose is Queen of the Symbolic Meanings as well. The heart-shaped leafs symbolise love and trust and the thorns indicate that love sometimes is no bed of roses.


Especially red roses are inextricably connected with love, but did you know that each colour has its own meaning?:

  • Red: love and respect
  • White: true love, pure, dignity
  • Pink: happiness, gratitude, purity
  • Orange: desire, appreciation, sympathy
  • Yellow: intimate friendship, connection


Combinations of colours and other flowers have a meaning too. When you bring a white and red rose together, you express the hope that you always want to be together.


Roses in a bouquet symbolise gratitude and one single rose in a large bouquet means: 'You are the one I love, you are the one for me!' Isn't that beautiful?!

Bouquet inspiration with roses

Very beautiful too is this luxurious bouquet, with white tinges, various colours of pink and a golden emphasis. You can make this pastel coloured rose bouquet all by yourself, or you can ask the florist to give you a hand. The roses you see here are spray roses and large-flowered roses.


Additionally, on the photo you will also discover the beautiful Amaryllis Mocca in the bouquet. The dark pink carnation and a couple of branches Eucalyptus, coloursprayed in gold, provide you with a remarkable accent.