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09 februari 2016

New sorting and selection system IRISS

Rozenhof unique in consistent quality

Always supplying roses of consistent quality. This is the reason why nursery Rozenhof in Zevenhuizen invests in a completely new 'Intelligent Roses Inspection and Sorting System (IRISS). The expectations for this system are high.

By Frank de Klerk

'I know for sure that the position of Dutch rose growers will improve with IRISS', says IRISS designer Kees Bukman. 'Six years ago various parties started working together to set up a new selection system. Rose companies were still working with a technique designed in 1992. Yet this technique was largely obsolete already. On the one hand, too little had been invested, but on the other hand you could also say that about this technique, that it was very good. The machines, which are older than 20 years, are technically still in prime condition.'

Bukman is founder of the technology department of Aweta, a Nootdorp company which sold 350 rose processing machines. Nowadays he works with the team of his company 4More Technology bv on the modernisation and perfecting machinery. 'The latest development is the camera measuring technique; with this system roses can be delivered in 19 different sorting stations', Bukman says. 'This can only be accomplished by executing precise measurements. When a bouquet of roses passes through the machine ten times, the end result should also be the same ten times in a row.'

Two winners

The advantages of the new exact measuring system are huge. 'We not only supply a better product, but because of the improved selection each rose ends up in the right box for the maximum prise. The client can rely on standard bouquets of quality roses, which are the same every day. Because of IRISS, there will be two winners: the grower as well as the client'.

Sales manager Cor Broer of Rozenhof stresses the importance of IRISS: 'It is no point having a modern nursery with an unbalanced quality product. At the request of the customer we can supply roses with a separate quality label. Customization is possible, exactly according to the wish of the client. Whether it is related to the hight of the buds, with, stem thickness, length, flower, leaf or colour. If a client requests 150,000 roses of a certain bud size for the coming summer, we can check our database to see whether we will be able to supply the sufficient number of roes in that quality.'


The roses are sold via FloraHolland, but in cooperation with the trade. A considerable part is destined for export to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Switzerland. 'Because of our short and direct lines with the trade, we try to keep a grip on our assortment', says Broer. 'An important criterion with the delivery is, that the trade companies meet the expectations of a repeat purchase. To put it simply: the trade and florist have to meet the expectations of the client. That client has to be satisfied in such a way that he will come back next week.'


IRISS makes sure that the grower and client know where they stand. 'It is very rare that a company dares to tell a client that it can consistently supply the same quality. To our clients we offer the guarantee that the quality of the products they buy today, is the same quality as what the receive tomorrow. In that we are unique. There is room for improvement in our market regarding the supply of products with a consistent quality to the end user.

We supply a consistent quality that foreign suppliers cannot comply with. For instance when it comes to the speed of the delivery and meeting the specific wishes of the client. If a florist wishes to receive ten bouquets of a certain size, we can custom-make this for him. When the whole supply chain obtains a solid relationship with the client, we can create the most beautiful white rose that exists.'