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09 februari 2016

You'll miss a lot when you don't look over the fence

Too much important information and developments are missed when people don't look over the fence. This is the firm conviction of Mark van der Hulst, chairman of FPC Roos. After all, each company or organisation has to deal with the environment or sector in which it operates.

Roos is the most international product of all product groups. Therefore Van der Hulst believes is to be of the greatest importance for FPC to be influential on all matters regarding auctions. And always be well informed of new information and developments.

Van der Hulst was taught the rose business from the nursery. This has caused Van der Hulst to commit himself on behalf of the FPC for the rose business. ‘Van der Hulst Rozenkwekerijen’ is a family business, consisting of three modern rose breeders. Situated close together in Meterik, in the province of Limburg. 'My two brothers and I each own a nursery and our sister and in-laws take care of the administration. Or contribute in a different way. Our parents, Sjaak and Cleta van der Hulst, are also still actively involved in the operation. The total production area of the nurseries is nine hectare. Our unique selling point is that we grow eleven special large-flowered roses in an exclusive colour palette. We were taught at a young age already, to get our feelers out in the world around us. And to actively participate in working groups and consultative bodies, from the perception that people will be stronger together.

Product market plan

In these days particularly, the Dutch rose is still under pressure and a number of growers is in desperate straits. Therefore it is more important than ever to cooperate in order to come to a good auction policy, according to Van der Hulst. 'It is incredibly harsh to hear when a colleague has had to pull the plug. In addition, rose growers in Africa are suffering due to the unfavourable euro dollar exchange rate. However, we have to move on and look to the future. That is where the Product market plan Roos comes in. We from the FPC are pleased about the way this was achieved within the new auction strategy. The FPC has continuously and closely monitored the development by advising or judging over the subjects discussed during each meeting. Despite the recent changes within the team of Royal FloraHolland, the process itself was executed well. This also applies for the speed in which the team executed the tasks at hand.

Promotion plan Rose 2016

The product team of Royal FloraHolland has in the meantime picked up four initiatives. Next to that, the Product market plan also consisted of the intention to set up and work out the Promotion plan Roos 2016. The product group Roos is one of few product groups for which a promotion plan has not been realised. According to Van der Hulst this is due to the extreme complexity of the product Roos. He explains: 'Roos is represented in the FPC internationally as well. When you want to summarise the whole range of products in one plan, it is all about the details. First everybody has to be on the same pages and only then we can move ahead. In any case, Royal FloraHolland Product Marketing currently works hard on realising the Promotion plan Roos 2016. Possibly a first impression can already be presented during the National Day of the Roses. However, it is expected that this plan is only ready for presentation after this summer. Only at that time, the plan can be put to the vote. But once the Promotion plan Roos 2016 is finished, a real feat has definitely been accomplished. We are looking forward to that.'