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28 januari 2013

Fish only please

Visrestaurant ‘t Crabbetje

A restaurant with only fish on the menu; it is unique in the historic city of Leiden and well worth a visit. The formula is very successful; after many years of hard work, Visrestaurant ‘t Crabbetje has even set up a second restaurant in Delft.

The secret of ‘t Crabbetje is, that they only serve fresh fish. Based on his years of experience, the owner Martijn van der Wouden knows how to purchase the right quantities of the various types of fish. The guests enjoy the dishes a la carte or with a three course menu; up to their desire. ‘We noticed that guests like to taste several types of recipes on our menu. Therefore, we have introduced the ‘Chefs proeverij’ (tasting by the chef cook) as well as a more luxurious version where we serve lobster.’

The true fish lover knows, that fish needs to swim. A fine collection of perfect wines has been sorted to meet the demands of the guests. Also, after the main course, the guests can always choose between a sweet ‘afsluiting’ (finishing) or a cheese tray.

The staff has worked very hard over the December holidays to renovate the entire restaurant. Therefore, in January restaurant ‘t Crabbetje celebrated its first lustrum in a completely redecorated outlook. But the guests can continue to observe the open kitchen, so that they know how their meal is prepared.

Last but not least, the personal service is superb; every new guest is warmly welcomed by one of the staff and guided to one of the well-decorated tables. Don’t worry on having to leave after a certain period of time, because every table has been reserved for the same (group of) guest(s). ‘We don’t work with several shifts per evening; your table remains your table’, informs Van der Wouden.

Due to the popularity, it is highly recommended to make reservations, especially in the weekends. The opening hours are: Tuesday – Sunday from 18:30 hours until closing time. For more information: Visrestaurant ‘t Crabbetje, St. Aagtenstraat 23, 2312 CA Leiden, T: 071 512 8846, W: